Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

May / June - Yellow vintagegirl goes Picasso

 I want you to incorporate this

 vintage girl

Print her out and glue her down if you like
or take her as an inspiration


this picasso-painting of mine

use as collage or paintover

and try to use a big amount of yellow paint

into your own artwork

you can use the pictures to collage

or paint over it

make it very loose  

maybe incorporate the pattern of my painting or the cool hands

put some scraps on if you like

doodle like crazy

let your muse run wild :)
your work can be collagy, whimsy or picassoy as you like ;)

try it out and share your work in the linky list below

Here is what I did
the first painting is this:

yes I know I have totally failed by using the color yellow, hihi

but it was fun anyways...
see me creating here

"White Butterfly"

you can see me creating this on a vid here

"As above so below"

I take the girl as a reference and then go crazy with the colors in the background. The eye was a "mister P"-eye, but I didn´t like that in the end, so I make it as beautiful I can ;) because she is worth it...
and in the end there are only the crazy bubbles on her head left that reminds at Picasso...but its all for the inspiration, isn´t it?!

I painted a girl and gave her a hat because the other girl has one too
and let her face a bit picassoy
and of course some butterflies and some yellow is included...

this week I wanna paint in my moleskine
and make it loose and free...
so I go with my Jaqueline-painting and go wild with the colors and some scraps


Share your artsy work here
and please visit some other participants and leave a comment!
And of course please link back to here.

Samstag, 18. Mai 2013

I have the idea of a Challenge where to mix two ore more things/themes together that maybe wouldn´t fit normaly to get a nice and funny Mix out of it...

please give me some time to work it out
and than we start with the fun :)

I haven´t got any photos about it yet, 
but you can view these until then