Montag, 1. Juni 2015

June / July 2015 - The Facial Profile

Here are my creations:

Hier sind meine Kreationen: 

"Steal all the shadows I've been burried underneath, show me to the light."
Tyler Knott Gregson

AJP101 I Spy With My Little Eye

AJP100 "I have gentle hands..."

AJP98 The Wonderful Smell

AJP96 Legalize Love

AJP93 "Stare out with wonder..."

AJP89 "Imagine"

get a closer look on this page on my blog here

AJP85 "Sternengucker"

Two month
be inspired by 
"The Facial Profile"

Diesmal haben wir das Thema
"Das Gesicht im Profil"

Here are some inspirationpics from Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing 

Hier wieder ein paar Inspirationsbilder von Pinterest zum Thema 

Anne Bagby collage mixed media portrait


Artist: Massimo Lagrotteria, oil on paper and canvas, 2012 {contemporary figurative female child head girl face profile portrait smudged texture grunge cropped painting #loveart}

silhouette de Simon surimposée au texte qui parle de la culpabilité? peut remplacer les yeux contamment présents comme rappel de sa présence


Painting with paper strips, by Kevin Stanton {abstract female head woman face profile mixed media portrait}


Don't look - too late .... now you can't stop looking ! Profile or front on ??

Vividly Alluring Collages  Marumiyan Creates an Intricate Game of Eye Spy in These Portraits

"Skullcandy" - Miss-Bunny-Shoes, mixed media digital art; London, UK {contemporary figurative artist beautiful woman face profile portrait illustration}

and a little how to here

Drawing of a mouth - side view - draw a straight line to see the angle/slant nose to chin; also look for negative space to get the form of the mouth.

A 500-year-old fingerprint, as well as the incredible way this portrait was drawn, helped authenticate that this work was a previously unknown Leonardo da Vinci. The documentary was amazing, and so is this likeness.

Loeonardo DaVincy´s La Principessa

and here is my own version  ;)
(painted some years ago)

Find the actually Pinterestboard  here

Das aktuelle Pinterestboard findet Ihr hier

I can´t wait to see your faces!
Let your muse paint the beautiful hills and valleys a faces profile is gifted with :)   

Ich kann es mal wieder kaum abwarten, Eure Landstriche zu sehen!
Lasst Eure Muse all die wunderbaren Hügel und Täler malen, mit denen ein Profil gesegnet ist :)

You can find the Pinterestboard from last time by clicking on the following picture...

btw. Pinterest is a wonderful place to get inspired!

Um das Pinterestboard von letztem Mal zu finden, klickt auf das folgende Bild...
übrigens ist Pinterest ein genialer Ort, um Inspirationen zu finden!

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  1. Looking forward to theme!!

  2. great theme! Looking forward to coming up with a few projects. Your inspiration portrait is beautiful!

  3. Another wonderful theme and so much fabulous inspiration too!

  4. I love your fun loving color palette in the first portrait. Blessings!

  5. I hope I'm not overwhelming you. I love portraits. Therefore, here's #4!


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